Q: Will I get free towing if I use your company?


A: Unfortunately, due to state law (RCW 45.55.035 Section D) we are forbidden by law to enter into any agreement or offer any incentive to a person authorized to impound vehicles.


This RCW does not forbid the giving of promotional labeled with the companies information.



Q: Is the towing agreement legally binding?


A: RCW 45.55.063 states only that a towing agreement shall be in written form, list the hours authorized to impound, the cost of impounding (paid by the registered owner of the vehicle), and the names of the individuals authorized to have vehicles removed.



Q: If a vehicle is mistakenly impounded, is there any recourse?


A: Absolutely, if there is a question about a mistaken impound, we always work with you and make sure that the situation is resolved to everyone's satisfaction.



Q: If we choose to switch to Ron May Towing, will there be any costs related to signage or other considerations?


A: Absolutely not. All Ron May Towing signage related to your property is completely free of charge. In addition to signage being completely complementary, we also hang all signage and maintain it as well.



Q: If a sign on my property becomes vandalized, how do I request a new sign?


A: If a sign ever becomes defaced, broken or missing, simply call us at (425) 259-9264 and give us your location. We will usually be able to come out the same day and get it fixed for you! In addition to requested sign maintenance, routine sign maintenance takes place quarterly to ensure your property looks its best.



Q: Can you patrol my lot and tow away offenders?


A: According to RCW 46.55.035 part 1 section b, we cannot be beneficially interested in a contract between a person authorized to have vehicles removed. I.E., we cannot offer the service of patrolling your parking areas as we will be beneficially interested in rendering that service for you.


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