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Towing Service is a Dangerous job!

by Ron May Towing on 11/25/12

Towing Service is a very dangerous profession, and it seems that people don't realize just how often we put ourselves in harm's way. It's also what makes our job so special and it's why having a dedicated and professional group of drivers is so important. Every single day, we put our guys out there and it is so very important that they follow safety guidelines and also make sure that the customers they come across and other professionals in the field do the same.  This Thanksgiving weekend we wanted to take time and acknowledge our drivers and everyone in this industry, both in Snohomish County and around the world, for the dedication they've given to a very dangerous job.

A blog post we found online from earlier this year highlighted some of the serious safety concerns and recent incidents on the East Coast (find it at: ).  They sum up the hazards of the job with a poignant line: "Simply put, tow-truck drivers operate in high-traffic areas, often on highways where there are no safe places for them to work and zero room for error." It is SO true. And of course there is the fear that a person who operates and moves around outside of the vehicle on major highways could be hit, there are many other hazards that tow truck drivers have to be aware of.  For instance, they have to secure a VERY heavy peice of moveable machinery to the back of another VERY large and heavy piece of machinery. There is not a lot of room for error here either.  Tow truck drivers must double and triple check that loads are secure, and not just for their own saftey, but for all of those that they share the road with.

Other situations that we as towing service professionals must be aware of are those that involve wrecks or other vehicle damage. Sharp edges and broken peices can seriously injur our guys if they are not aware and very carful, taking all the right precautions. Like we said, there are many ways in which our customers may not realize how dangerous the job is for us.

Ron May Towing has been a strong part of the Towing industry in Edmonds, Lynnwood, Marysville, Mill Creek, Everett, and pretty much all of Snohomish County. We are proud to serve the drivers of our area with professionalism and focus on safety for everyone involved. Yet, we do our best to maintain affordability and do our work for a competitive price every time. We realize that paying for towing or roadside help is a bit of a frustration and a hassle for drivers, but honestly, if you were to consider the hazardous situation we are put into, the price for such roadside services will probably seem rather negligable.

Ron May Towing is thankful for all of it's dedicated and safety-minded tow truck drivers, and we hope to make you very thankful for calling upon us in a dangerous situation.


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