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Seattle Impound Auction
Auctions are CASH ONLY! Sorry, no checks or credit cards.
Vehicle Impound Auctions Seattle
Contact Dennis @ 425-737-5018
Towing Auctions Seattle
Ron May Towing car Auctions
"We keep Snohomish County Moving"

Towing Auctions a short drive from Seattle WA!

We host our impounded vehicle auctions every couple of months on average. This is usually a must-see Seattle Area Car Auction.  Folks come from all over Seattle and even further out to take part in our impound car auction.  It's worth the drive from Seattle WA!

Ron May Towing plans to post a list of impounded vehicles to be auctioned about two weeks before each auction.  The link to the most current list of cars and vehicles is below:
Plan ahead and be there for our Towing Auctions Seattle.  Our impound yard brings in plenty of cars and vehicles each month and we're ready to let you in on the action!